Designed for students in Middle and High School, First Tech Challenge is a way for students to express their interest in STEM, while enhancing valuable teamwork skills. FTC provides a unique understanding of engineering, coding, design, and marketing, that is integral for team’s sucess. FTC also provides a pathway into STEM careers, with 81% of FIRST alumni majoring in STEM and over 50% of female FIRST alumni declare STEM majors, as opposed to a 16% control group.

In past years, Marist FTC teams have advanced to competitions at state and global levels. In the 2022-2023 POWERPLAY season, six Marist teams advanced to the State Championship, and in the 2021-2022 FREIGHT FRENZY season, one Marist FTC team advanced to the World Championship! Marist teams are always looking to improve and grow their skills, and most importantly, develop their gracious professionalism!

Our Marist Teams!

Past Seasons:

2022-2023 POWERPLAY



2019-2020 SKYSTONE

2018-2019 ROVER RUCKUS