At Marist, we have a First Robotics Competition, or FRC, team.
In addition to being a FIRST competition team, before the season our FRC team also heads up projects for the Marist community. For instance, we assisted in building a T-shirt cannon used at school pep rallies and football games.

The T-Shirt Canon Mark II

Once the season commences, we set to work analyzing the game and drafting a game plan. We start by designing the subsystems of the robot and divide into smaller groups to optimize the implementation process for the game. We re-convene as a team to discuss the smaller group ideas and synthesize a design based on the small group work. 

In addition to the weekly Tuesday and Thursday meeting after school, the team also has class time 4 days a week in the Advanced Robotics elective. The Intelligent Machine Lab is also open every day after school. 

Once the robot is built and programmed, we set up a model course, where we work on driver training and field testing. 

Then, we travel to 2 regional tournaments, where we compete against other teams around the state of Georgia for a spot at the state and national championships.