About Us

FIRST | For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

The Marist Robotics program not only has 2 different types of competition teams, but also is an engineering and computer science powerhouse for the school, providing robotic devices and computer systems for other school departments. 

Inter-curricular projects:

We work with other departments of the school to provide electronic and robotic devices for various activities. Our work has been featured in 3 of the past 4 theatrical productions. For example, you may have seen our robotic Audrey II plants in the 2016 Marist theatrical production, Little Shop of Horrors; or perhaps noticed the robotic rats in the immensely popular performances of Shrek! The Musical, put on by the Marist Theater Program in the Spring of 2017.

Also, we designed, built and programmed the marching band’s LED light poles they use in football games and competitions!

Another example of interdisciplinary robotics work is the T-shirt cannon we designed, built, and operate at football games and pep rallies. It fires T-shirts into the stands to promote school spirit and add to the positive atmosphere of these events! 

Competition Teams:

​The Marist Robotics program has 2 different types of competitive robotics teams.

In FRC, or FIRST Robotics Challenge, teams design, build, program, and drive full-size competition robots. They compete in 2 regional tournaments for a chance to qualify for the state and national finals. At Marist, our FRC team is mainly made up of upperclassmen, who have had experience in the robotics program.

​In FTC, or First Tech Challenge, teams design and build robots out of modular metal pieces, in addition to programming and driving them. Our FTC teams are mainly made up of middle school students. They compete in various local and regional tournaments, in an attempt to qualify for the state and national level.